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Welcome to Serving My Soul!

I AM Marc Bovim, Life Coach  & Owner of Serving My Soul.

Serving My Soul is a Life Coaching Practice with the purpose of helping you find your gift and assisting you in living a Soul Serving Life!  
Say Yes to You!  It is Your Time to step into your limitless possibility in and from a place of love, kindness, compassion and care!  I will walk with you as we develop a sustainable plan of change - positive change.
We will turn your AIM into I AM!  
I offer One on One Coaching, Tailor Made Group and Team Building Coaching, Cooking Classes and host Reconnection and Relationship Retreats.
I believe that through conversation, music, food and my ongoing training I am able to offer you a new direction and a new life - one which is less stressful, less overwhelming, more abundant with love, joy and happiness.

Let's connect and walk each other home!
With Love,

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